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The Cross in Newland chrchyard.

Newland Cross (31k)

Drawing by Thomas Graham Jackson
Pooley wrote the following of this cross in 1868 :

"This is a restored cross. All that remained of the old cross, a work of the fourteenth century, consisted of five steps, and a massive socket into which the shaft was formerly fixed, but which, after its disappearance, had been replaced by a shorter stone, having the lines of the customary sun-dial marked upon it. Two points are worthy of note in the base, namely the broaches of convex outline by which the oblique sides of the upper octagon are brought into the lower square; and the sculptured niche ornamented with an ogee trefoiled head, in the east face. The niche was probably used as a Reliquary, or as a receptacle for Pix, on the occasion of Divine Service being celebrated there.
In the work of reconstruction it was found necessary to take down the whole of the steps, which had sunk, and became almost a ruin. The stones were carefully marked and reset in their old relative positions , great care being taken to not to disturb the weather staining on their surface. But the base was too much injured to be retained as the base of a new Cross, and was therefore accurately copied in sound stone. The old base was put together as well as the condition allowed, and now stands in the churchyard hard by the Cross.
The new Cross, which is placed upon the substructure consists of three stages : the lowest is the tapering irregular octagon shaft, which is tenoned into a mortise in the top of the base; the next is formed by the four canopied niches, facing the four cardinal points, and containing each the sculptured figure of an angel, with outspread wings and bearing a crown; the third and uppermost is a Cross decorated on each side with flat surface carving of foliage, and crocketed at the junction of the lower limb with its pedestal. The height of the whole from the ground to the top of the Cross is 20ft. Round the shaft runs the following inscription : "This Cross was restored in memory of Margaret Birt, A.D. 1864."

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