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St Johns School pupils in 1958.

St Johns School 1958 (83k)

The teacher is Mrs. Beryl Badman.
Back row ?, Michael Fennell, Dudley Jones Brian Maltby , Paul Edmunds, Paul Smith, , Roger Byard , John Fern.
Third row Ingrid Bevan, John Paul, David Nash, Michael Coleman, Michael Short, Stephen Jordan, Gordon Lambert, Helen Morgan.
Second row ? ,John Powell, Suzanne Lucy Beach ,Marilyn Elsmore ,Carol Jones ,? ,? , Christine Morris ,Angela Laban , Linda Shufflebottom , Heather Hatton.
Front row Alan Lawrence ,? ,Mary Lambert , Kathleen Tomlins ,HeatherPritchard ,Donald Chambers ,Keith Jones ,Gilbert Morse.

Dave Nash added (October 2010): "... All the children on this photograph except for John Paul who sadly died quite some years ago either have or will in the coming months celebrate their 60th birthdays. Also pleased to report that Mrs. Badman who is over 90 is still going strong".

Judy Rackham added (October 2015: "... I went to St Johns school from 1950 to 1956 and lived next door to Mrs Badman who was a close family friend. We then moved to Cornwall to live but my mother stayed in touch with "auntie beryl " until her death in 2003. I remember Paul Badman was my age annd Robert was about 10 years younger. I was an RAF officer and married another in 1969. I remember my best friends were Janet Smith and Jill Jeffries. Id love to know if they are still alive. No idea unfortunately what their surnanes might be now". Click below if you can help.

Angela Mackay added: "... A few of the names are familiar to me. I went to St Johns between 1954 and 1957 until we moved to Buckinghamshire when my father, Ray Williams, who worked for Carters was promoted and sent to the head office after the company was taken over by Beecham Foods. My maiden name was Angela Williams. We were only in London for a couple of years as Beechams sent my dad to work in Paris where I grew up and continued my education at a French school. Little did I know that this was to be the start of living overseas for many years as after marrying and having four children I went to live for in the Far East for twenty years. Now happily retired living in France/Dorset and after being widowed in 2006 I have since remarried".

Dave Nash added (June 2021): "... An update to this photo,the children on this photo either have or are still to celebrate their 70th Birthday's this year.As a footnote Heather Smith(nee Pritchard) has sadly recently died".

Michael Coleman added (December 2021): "... I am Michael Coleman and I attended St John's from 1955 - 1958. Mr Selwood was Headmaster and two of my class teachers were Mrs Badman and Miss Tushingham. I was born in Coleford and have many happy memories of St John's. I would love to hear from anyone from that era. My family moved to Australia in 1959 .. I am in the 3rd row, 4th from left. Roger Byard and I were best friends. Michael Fennel was also a close friend. I spent a lot of school time with Michael Jones and John Fern who were best friends.Ingrid Bevan lived 3 doors up from us in Mushet Place. She had young brother Bernie. Front row second from left I think is John Powell. Back row, 3rd from right could be Maurice Watkins. I live in Australia and would love to hear from anyone in the photo.

David Adams added (April 2024): "... I think I am the fourth boy from the right in the back row...I now live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have fond memories of St Johns, then I went to Bell's".

Brian Maltby added (June 2024): "... I am in the back row 3rd in from Mrs Badman but named as Dudley Jones next to Paul Edmunds. Heather Hatton lived two doors away and Paul Smith next door to us. I remember Mr Selwood and Miss Tushingham too. One of the two ?? Girls in Second row could be Susan Prowse. I remember most of the people named. The family moved to Paignton Devon and I grew up there. Now retired to Spain".

Thanks to Michael Coleman & Gordon Lambert for helping to identify these pupils.

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