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Elevation views of Highmeadow House

Highmeadow House

Highmeadow House

Highmeadow House was 'H' shaped in plan view and these engravings probably show the Front and Rear views.
The inscription below the upper engraving says "The Elevation of High Meadow in Gloucestershire the Seat of Thomas Gage Esq. to who this plate is most humbly dedicated".

The inscription is also in French and at the bottom is: 'Ca Campbell delin:' and 'H: Hulsbergh Sculp'.

The lower engraving has the inscription: "High Meadow in Gloucestershire the Seat of Thomas Lord Viscount Gage".

Beneath this is again: Ca Campbell delin: H: Hulsbergh Sculp.

Bernard added: "Lord Gage married the daughter and heiress of Benedict Hall of Highmeadow.

A proclamation by Thomas Gage
Above: the heading for a proclamtion made in the U.S.A. in the run-up to the American War of Independence made by The Hon. Thomas Gage Esq.; Governor, and Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of Massachussetts Bay, and Vice Admiral of the same. This Thomas Gage was the son of Thomas Gage and Benedict Hall mentioned above by Bernard.

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