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Families at Gorsty Knoll, near Coleford, Gloucestershire.

Gorsty Knoll

Gorsty Knoll

Fred wrote: "I am sending you the attached photographs, in case they are of any interest for your site.
The first (top left) is a photo taken sometime in the fifties of South View, Gorsty Knoll, Coleford. This is the semi-detached cottage on the right hand side. I believe the cottage to the left was unoccupied at the time".

"The second photo (top right) - also from the fifties shows Bilk and Joan Jordan (my Aunt) who lived at South View in their garden. At that time, the outbuilding to their rear was an outside lavatory that comprised no more than a wooden plank with a hole, positioned over a dug-out pit. Bilk was a quarryman and both he and joan were keen skittles players at the Milkwall Social Club".

"The third photograph (bottom right) - again from the fifties shows Teddy Nelmes, who lived with his mother and father at Hazeldene, which was up the lane from South View".

"The fourth photograph (bottom left) shows the Mulford family in their garden at South Road, Sunnybank, Coleford with visitors (ie my mother, my sister and me, on the right hand side). Chris Mulford was a railway man at Symonds Yat station, before the line closed; and his wife Daisy was my mother's aunt. The photo includes their sons Chris and Brian to the left".

Chis Mulford added (Apr 2009): "Chris has now retired from Coleford Ambulance and Brian from his position with Cheltenham Council".

Myrna Gregory added (May 2011): "... Second photo top right. Bilk Jordan was a cousin to Doris Wintle who was also born and lived on the Knoll".

A site visitor added: "... Does anyone have any pictures of or know any history of Forest View / Rosedene / School View cottage, Gorsty Knoll?. This is the house on the left of the photo of South View. I would like to know more of the history of the house, its out building and quarry. The house has been extensively extended and modernised since the photo was taken".

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