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Coleford Womens Institute in 1949.

Coleford W.I. 1949

Coleford W.I. 1949


1.Mrs.Davies. 2.Mrs.Tom Hill. 3.Miss Tanter. 4.Mrs.Tom Bright. (A).Mrs.Mansfield (Sunnybank House). (B).Mrs.Renee Cullis. (C).Mrs Eileen Smith. (D).Miss Margaret Gwilliam. (F).Mrs.Hawkins. (G) .Mrs.Reg Pearce. (J).Miss Cope. (K).Mrs.E.Morgan. (L) .Mrs.Nash. (M).Mrs.Tyler. (P).Mrs.Reg Hart. (Q) .Miss Cope. (R) .Mrs.Page. (S).Mrs.Margerison. (V).Mrs.G.Morgan. (W).Mrs.Benfield. (Y).Mrs.Elsie ?? (nee Dowle).

Thanks also to Terry Harper.

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