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Coleford in 1952, an aerial view.

Coleford 1952

Terry added: "This is an aerial photograph of Coleford, taken by me on the morning of 28th October 1952, while piloting an Airspeed Oxford from RAF Pershore, on my last but one solo flight from there. Gloucester Road is under the engine nacelle, with Poolway pike in the bottom right hand corner. The railway station is on the left hand side, and dust from Whitecliffe Quarry is also visible, but not the quarry itself. I flew over Coleford quite a number of times during the summer of 1952 between June and October, usually arriving at full throttle at 3000 feet, chopping the throttle shut to descend to about 1500 feet, and then doing steep turns over the town. My Dad's secretary, Sheila (who came from Bream) used to come out of the Gaveller's Office and wave, as did my mother and others. I also made it once in a Chipmunk on 21st October 1952, and did a few aerobatics".

Laura Porciani wrote (March 2012): "... Dear Mr Harper. I'm doing some historical research on my father's imprisonment in England and I'd really like to know if on your aerial photograph is it possible to locate the area of the Prisoners of War camp no 61 at Wynols Hill Broadwell Coleford where the great monument dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi was built and unveiled by the Italian prisoners. If so could you please highlight the area and send me the photo. Have you ever heard of this story? Do you have any information to share? With grateful thanks. Yours sincerely Laura Porciani " pinocaneseATvirgilioDOTit

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