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The Tufthorn Inn, Milkwall, Gloucestershire.

Tufthorne Inn

The Tufthorn Inn, Milkwall. Top photo: 1958, Bottom photo 1968

Dave Nash added (November 2011): "... I spoke today to Mrs Patricia Stockwell who told me that her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hughes held the licence at the Tufthorn Inn from September 1947 to September 1980".

Bob Smith added (December 2011): "... I remember The Tufthorne Inn and Bill Hughes very well and I still occasionally play some music in there for the current Landlord Jack Crook. I had my very first ever pint in there in about 1974. I was persuaded, it did n't take much persuading to be fair, to go for a pint one Friday night before heading on down to Coleford to go to the Youth Club Disco. The other 2 lads reckoned it would be ok and had one piece of advice......When old Bill the Landlord asks if youre 18 make sure you say yes then ask for a pint and a dash without hesitating and he'll serve you. I recall very clearly a pint and a dash of lemonade was 12 and a half pence but the rough cider which we moved onto over the next few months was only 11p a pint".

Richard Haworth added (March 2014): "... There was a saying amongst us youths in the 1970's 'they ud serve you in a pram at Bill Hugheses'. It was worth the walk from Broadwell".

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