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Edge End & World War II items.

Edge End

Below the photo was written: "... The oak tree is now fenced to preserve it. Barrels of 'bleach' stored under trees during "World War II". The man in the photo is Richard Smith B.E.M.

WWII itemsThe photos left were supplied by Terry Halford who wrote:
"... please find enclosed some more pics of items found in the Forest. The top photo shows a rusty fork, a magazine for a Browning automatic riflie and some coffee sachets.
The middle photo is a reminder of the more dangerous items once stored in the area. It is a casing from a poison gas bomb with the rear fins. The long tube is the detonator which screwed into the front of the bomb.
The bottom photo relates to the making safe of any leaking gas cannisters or bombs - the lid from a 45 gallon drum of 'demustardising bleaching agent'. A hole was dug in the ground, bleach was put in and the leaking bomb was then completely covered with the powder, then covered in soil".

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