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Coleford Young Conservatives 1955 Christmas Party.

Coleford 1955

1 Glenys Williams, 3 Mrs Elsie Blanch (Chairman or Vice Chairman), 5 Irene? (Secretary) She was a secretary to the MD (or similar) at H W Carter, 6 Dennis Barnard, 7 Mary Burbrough, 11 Peter Hunt, 13 Malcom Powell, 14 Brian Baker, 17 Tom Jones 21 John Harvey, 22 Pat Corin 23 Shirley Barter, 25 Cynthia Baker, 26 John Bright, 27 Janet Leaning, 30 Brian Evans, 34 Pat Kay? 37 Tom Jones? Ray Pritchard?., 38 Joan Hullet, 39 Lyn Stanley (Domestic Science teacher at Bells Grammar School), 40 Terry Harper.

Michael  Robbins added (Jan 2009): "... his (Malcom Powell) parents and brother Norman kept the Post Office and grocery store in Lydney where Woolworth's was. I used to take out the grocery's on a bike with carrier at the front paid a pound week great day".

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