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Coleford Womens Institute - Autumn Party in 1949.

Coleford WI

A Coleford Womens Institute - Autumn Party in 1949


1 Mrs Morse, 2 Mrs (Clifford) Dowle , 3 Mrs Winifred Morgan, 4-Mrs Phillips or Doris Hatton ?, 5 Nell Ricketts (nee Gwilliam), 6 Ann Ricketts, 7.Mr Dick Herbert.Peering over Dick's head is his father-in-law Mr Slenny Gwilliam, Marg Gwilliam and Win Barter's father, 8 Margery Gwilliam, 9 Mrs Prisk, 20 and 21 Mr & Mrs Max Beddington 22 Mrs Kath Williams, 23 Mrs Jones, 25 Violet Roberts, 26 Mrs Greenwood, 27 Mr Burborough (Coleford Butcher), 28 Mrs Jones,, 29 Mrs Burborough, 30 Win Barter, 31 Hilary Barter, 32 Shirley Barter, 33 - ?, 34 Mrs Cuff, 35 - ?, 36 Mary Powell, 37 Judith Williams, 38 Prudence Williams.

The photo was taken in Coleford Town Hall. Thanks to John Ricketts for also constructing the legend and to Judith Badman and Royston Pritchard for some of the names.

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