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Coleford Post Office, Gloucestershire.

Coleford Post Office

Coleford Post Office in the early 1950s?

Row 2: (all standing, left to right) 1 Mr Hyatt?, 2 Mr Ted Moulton, 3 Mr Smith, 4 Douglas Rhys, 5 Harold Darby,, 6 Mr Bert Merrington, 7 Stuart Macpherson? , 8 Vic Hiatt , 9 Mr Saint, 10 Mr Arthur Smith, 11 Mr Harold Williams, 12 Howard Phillips, 13 "Bob" Howells .
Row 1: (all sitting) 1 Dolly Leach, 2 Miss Muriel Brooks, 3 Mr Ainscough, Post Master, 4 , 5 Mr Harold Chadd, 6 Mrs Heather Horwood, 7 Edith Morris, cleaner.

Dave Nash added: "Those sat in this row were the counter staff except for the gent at No.4, who I believe was some type of area manager".

David Dowle added (August 2017): "I'm fairly sure that No. 4 in the back row is my uncle, by marriage, Douglas Rhys. He was an interesting character who lived in a wooden, Scandinavian style house at the Buckstone, Staunton - it has been replaced by a modern house. At one time he grew mushrooms in the old railway tunnel at Newland. He also kept bees and usually had a pig being fattened. He was a sword/Morris dancer and churchwarden at Staunton - I remember him painting the whole of the interior single-handedly".

Susan Larysz added (February 2023) : "... row 2 standing, post office 1950s number 5 is ..., Harold Darby".

Thanks also to Susan Larysz, Susan Stevens-Jenkins. Jennifer Morris, John Ricketts, Alan Roberts, Royston Pritchard, Allan Weager and Dave Nash.

Photographer - Gerald Smith.

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