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Carters Football team at Dorlands Advertising 1954.

Carters and Dorlands dinner

Allan added: "This dinner took place after the football match played between Carters football team from Coleford and 'Dorland Advertising' on Hackney Marshes. Dorlands were the advertising Agency that did all Carter's advertising before the Beecham takeover. Sorry to say that I do not know any of the names of the Dorlands people so in the Legend I will merely put Dorlands...".

1.Cyril Moore. 2. 3.Bob Worgan. 4.Joyce Worgan. 5.Allan Weager. 6.Margaret Weager (Morgan) 7.Ray Williams. 8.Mrs.John Powell. 9.John Powell. 10. 11. 12.Dorlands. 13.?Carters 14.?Carters. 15.Beryl Hurcombe 16.Audrey Ward. 17.Doris Goulding. 18. 19.Dorlands. 20.John (Lofty) Fuller. 21.Dorlands. 22.Doug Shewan. 23. 24.Dorlands. 25.?Carters. 26 to 33. all Dorlands. 34.Dave Baxter. 35. 36.Dorlands. 37.Arthur Hawkins. 38.Marcia Hawkins (Thomas) 39.Mavis Bullock (Pearce). 40.Ray Bullock. 41. 42. 43 Dorlands. 44. ? Carters. 45.?Carters (?Jenkins) 46.Cynthia Ainscough (James). 47.Wendy Pearce(Cox). 48.Jimmy Ainscough. 49.Roy Smith. 50.Fred Pearce.
Allan .

Barrie Mapps added (Dec 2008): "... I think man listed number 1 is Cyril Moore who also drove coaches for Nash and Cox coaches of Milkwall. Maybe at a later date someone can confirm my thoughts!!".

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