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Bert Berrow and Fred Wells of Coleford.

London Meat Company

The top photo is from around 1960. Royston Pritchard recalled that the van was demonstrating gas appliances.

John Ricketts describes the bottom photo as follows (Mar 2007) "This shot shows the London Central Meat Company Shop in Coleford. I am not sure of the date but the following info has been supplied by Pat Bolter who still runs the barbers shop next door. On the left is Bert Berrows who became manager for the west of England L.C.M.C. On the right is Fred Wells* who worked here for many years, became an ambulance man then opened a butchers shop opposite the current Forest Bookshop. The window advertises “IMPORTED MEAT ONLY” not something you would see today!",
The former London Central Meat Company premises in the top photo is occupied by Baxters. Pat Bolter's shop is to the right of Baxters.
Thanks also to Dave Nash for adding "Baxters butchers were taken over by the Dewhurst group and eventually this was one of the shops they closed. It is now (March 2007) a Dial-a -Ride charity shop....The van used for demonstrating gas appliances was also used for accepting payments of gas bills. On most of the occasions it was parked in the town the employee of the gas board who was in attendance was Mr. Goddard who lived at Milkwall"

* A relative of Fred added (April 2015): "... Fred Wells was my uncle and the gentleman on the right is not him ..."

Terry Harper added (Sept 2008): "The Standard Vanguard on the right KDF300, belonged to H Raymond Howell, the estate agent, and was parked outside his premises. I think he had the first one in Coleford.".

Jim Berrow added (June 2015): "... I found the photo by chance, thank-you for providing it. The London Central Meat Co. Ltd. (LCM) manager is Bert Berrow (no ‘s’), who was my father, I do not know the name of the other man. I think there is some muddle about the butcher’s shop in St John’s Street, that was bought by my father around 1949/50. He sold it before moving to Worcester, moving back to the LCM as a District Manager, about 1951. I started school in Coleford (St John’s C of E) seventy years ago this September (2015) and have a memory of John Ricketts name, was he a contemporary?". (See this page No. 4 and No. 17 - Ed.)

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