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Clearwell, a girl with chickens, pigs and a dog.

An old photo of a girl with a pig in Clearwell, Gloucestershire

This photo shows a girl with animals on land behind the buildings on Clearwell High St. The building in the background was opposite the Mortuary Chapel.

Marjorie Rees added ((Sept. 2017): "... Looking at this picture it looks like the land belonging to the Old Post Office my Granny Rees had in the High Street. When she died the family sold the house and land and the new owners built bungalows on that part. I`m not sure, but the little girl could be my cousin Valerie Rees".

Nicholas Miller added (November 2017): "... It is possible that I am related to both Majorie and Valerie. My mother was Edna Grace Rees, middle daughter to Frank and Ethel (nee Harper) Rees of Porch House. The other two daughters were Majorie (not same one, she had no children) and Joan. They had a son, John. I live in the London area but still have a cottage in the Forest. I would love to make cotact with any (possible) relatives, from either the Rees or Harper side of my Grandparents family".

A woman feeding chickens and pigs

A photo taken in almost the same location.

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