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A false wall at Clearwell Castle.

Clearwell Castle

Bernard took this photo of the false wall constructed by the film crew to hide the trees inside the entrance that were 'out-of-period' for the film being made.

Paul Howell remembered the filming: "... I was there the day that was fimed with Clearwell School. I remember we had to sit to the side and had to be VERY quiet...The only thing they shot was a man pretending to land in the cart and somebody shouting 'sieze the cart'....We were there 2 hours and they still could'nt get that right..About 1975... ".

Bob Smith added (January 2013): "... Was this for the filming of the TV series Arthur of the Britons?. I remember going down there to watch something being filmed by the old gatehouse and then avidly waiting for it to be on TV months later. And also of subsequently being rather disappointed at how many countless hours we'd seen being filmed translated into only a minute or two seen on the screen".

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