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Dibbin - Clearwell High St.

Two old photos of the Hight Street at Clearwell, Gloucestershire

An old photo of two ladies in a garden opposite the Mortuary Chapel, Clearwell.

Lindsay wrote: "... My father, Arthur Dibbin was born in Coleford and emigrated to Australia in 1928. Arrived in Sydney and while looking for work obtained a position at Bourke as a drover for several years. My mother Audrey Rose Collins had original  descendants that arrived in Australia with MacArthur on the second fleet to Australia as servants . My mother's family were farmers in the area Arthur worked in and after a short courtship were married. My father  served in the Australian army during ww2 and suffered injuries in 1944  following a bombing raid on the ship he was serving on. Had 2 children of which I am the younger. Appears we have links to the Doyle (Dowle?) family in the Coleford area. Any contact welcome. Having a long overdue trip to England in August and will be in the Coleford area around 18th August 2016. Any contact much appreciated. Lindsay Dibbin".

The above photos were one of several from Lindsay's family album that were taken in Clearwell.

Can anyone help Lindsay?

Maurice Oliver added: "... I was brought up in Clearwell and remember Annie Dibbin.The first photo is outside the Old Post Office which Annie and her sister (can't remember her name) lived.The other photo's are the Post Office and in the garden. ... ".

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