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Cinderford Girl Guides c 1945

Cinderford Guides

Row 4: 1 Mavis Hyett, 2 Gillian Allot, 3 Jean Morgan, 4 Nilma Baker, 5 Mary Brain, 6 Elizabeth Wilderspin, 7 Pam Evans, 8 Sheila Moore.
Row 3: 1 (holding flag) Margaret Kear?, 2 Nan Bower, 3 June Heard?, 4 Beryl Evans, 5 Ruth Jones, 6 Brenda Barnard, 7 Sonia Haskett, 8 Margery ?, 9 Betty Tooze 10 Eileen Moore, 11 (holding flag) Margaret James.
Row 2: (all seated on chairs) 1 Freda Popejoy , 2 Mary Brown, 3 Pat Bower, 4 Marjorie Head, 5 Miss Gwen Dawson, 6 Miss Taylor, 7 Paddy Marshall, 8 Betty Griffiths 9 Daphne Parsons.
Row 1: 1 Eileen Dugard , 2 Eileen Thomas, 3 Ann Wilderspin 4 Eileen Hodges (now Bayliss), 5 Betty Barnett , 6 Marian Bullock, 7 Eileen Parsons , 8 Ann Whittle.
Freda recalls that the captain was Miss Dawson.

Thanks also to Helen Ambury, Freda and Steve Lewis and Eileen Bayliss (nee Hodges).

Steve also added (May 2007): "..... my mother remembered that Miss Dawson was a teacher at Double View school and her helper (on her left in the photo) was Miss Taylor (a PE teacher at East Dean Grammar School). On the leaders right was the 'company leader' called Marjorie Head. She has mentioned a lot of other names that she remembers as being in the company and on the photo but she cannot say in what position as her eyesight is failing.
Other names included: Sheila Moore and Judith Moore, Daphne Parsons, Christine Brookbanks, Beryl Lees, Ann Whittle, Margaret Kear, Elizabeth Wilderspin and Sheila Llewellyn".

Jean Smith added (January 2021): "... I found an old photo in my loft a few years ago now,but when I took the back of I found a new paper cutting of nurse B.Tooze. 3rd row no 9.The photo looks victorian there are two photo`s looks like a man and wife, and the wife with two children boys".

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