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A wedding group at Valley Road Cinderford c. 1924.

Image: Tooze wedding party at Valley Road Cinderford c1924  (62k)

Trevor wrote :
Standing : Claire Weaver (nee Morgan) Bride's Aunt, Joseph Simmonds Bride's Father , Enoch Simmonds Bride's Brother , Edwin Tooze Bridegroom , Claire Tooze (nee Simmonds) Bride , Ida Humphris Bride's Sister (my Mother) , Thomas Harold Humphris Bride's Brother- in- law (my Father) , Herbert (Bert) Simmonds Bride's Brother
Seated : Sarah Morgan, Grandmother of the Bride - born in Cinderford about 1847,died around 1925 and her maiden name was Harper, Dinah Simmonds Bride's Mother, two on the right unknown but presumed to be Groom's Mother and Father.
Front : Children - Jack Weaver , Jack Simmonds, Trevor Humphris (self) All nephews of the Bride.
Trevor would like more information about the Harper family and can be contacted at Image: Harper family  in the Forest of Dean  info wanted

Wedding for Edwin Tooze and Claire Simmonds, almost certainly held at the Forest Church Ruardean Hill. The Forest Church was the family Church, my Great Grandparents and Grandparents are buried there , my parents were married there and I was christened there. I was about 4 years old when the picture was taken which dates the picture about 1924.

The photo was taken across the green from 26 Valley Road, Cinderford. When I last paid a visit to Cinderford the site of the photograph seemed to become some form of industrial estate. What a disappointment- used to be a favourite play ground for me as a young lad. I used to be taken for walks with my great grandmother (also featured in the group) across the Green, through the woods with bluebells and I seem to remember crossing a railway line with a pond on the other side having a profusion of kingcups. I am featured in the foreground of the group as the young lad in a sailor suit . Few years older now!
Edwin Tooze would have been well known in Cinderford with a shop in Church Road, milk delivery round and later as landlord of the Nags Head.

Brenda Bainbridge (nee simmonds) added (May 2006) The person in row 1, at position 3 is Harold Joseph Simmonds . . Sarah Morgan (nee Harper) married William Morgan 21.10.1864 at Flaxley. Her parents were Jonathan (d.26 01 1886) and
Dinah (nee Jones) who died 1873. I have a poor photo of her taken in 1867. Her grand daughter, Dinah Simmonds was born in Yorkshire. Yes, I could bore for England on my Fam Hist!"
"marriage registered as- JAS 1925 Edwin F TOOZE to Clara F SYMONDS"

Clara Simmonds

Iris Lancaster sent in this photo of Clara Simmonds. (June 2006). Iris added: "Picture of Clara (Clair) Simmonds sometime prior to her wedding to Edwin Tooze. The address on the back indicates that the Simmonds family lived on Upper Bilson in Cinderford. She was the daughter of Joseph Simmonds and Dinah Simmonds (nee Morgan). Clara was first cousin to my father, Samuel James Morgan, who was born in 1895 to John Harper Morgan (b.~1865) and Jane Agnes Brain (b.~1866). Iris would like any information on the Harper, Morgan or Brain families and can contacted at contact

Thanks to Kath Evans who added (Aug 2006) "The Photo of Clair and Edwin Tooze was a nice suprise as I went to Cinderford with my mother Mary Lydia Temple [nee Morgan] when I was sixteen and stayed with them at the Nag's Head.."

Carol Jackson added (May 2008): "Jane Brain married to John Morgan was the daughter of Lydia and Thomas Brain. Thomas was my great great grandfather's son."

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