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Rosedale factory fire Tuesday August 20th 1968

Rosedale Fire

Terry wrote (Jan 2008): " Please find enclosed two photos taken on the day of the Rosedale's factory fire Tuesday August 20th 1968. These pics were taken from the top of Foundry Road in Cinderford. Pieces of asbestos roofing were found just under a mile away on Valley Road and pieces were scattered all over the town. I watched it burn from Victoria St. The fire was put out later that day. Over 20 Fire Engines were on the scene some coming from Bristol. On the Thursday 22nd August fire broke out again although this was put out quickly".

A site visitor added (Aug 2009): "...My sister lives in Rosedale Court and I am wondering is this the reason that the court-yard is named Rosedale? in memory of the factory. The court-yard is located very near to Foundry Road and before it was built I remember there being just a big pile of rubble and bricks there. I am assuming this could be the remains of the factory".

Paul Phelps added (April 2010): "... My mother Daphne Phelps used to work at Rosedales and we remember the fire very well. We lived in Cinderford at Parragate where Llidl supermarket is now".

Maggie Darrington added (August 2010): "... I worked in Cinderford town and remember the fire. The sky was black and whilst a policeman was trying to direct traffic near the top of The Triangle, fire engines were taking water from wherever they could when suddenly water suddenly gushed from a water main near where he was standing. Hhe was soaked, his helmet was forced from his head. Someone acctually took pictures of it, very funny!".

Revd Frank W Bovill added (June 2013): "... I recall watching the smoke billowing out over the town, from St.Stephen's back garden, the acrid smell even though we were upwind, and the blackened debris with which much of the town was covered".

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