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Rosedale-related photos after the fire of 1968.


Rosedale photos

Terry wrote: "... please find enclosed 4 pics taken recently concerning the Rosedale factory. Following up a rumour, the bottom photographs show how melted organ components from the Rosedale factory were tipped locally. Believed to have been dumped in the late 1960s a lot of brickwork in the top-left photograph from the factory is buried nearby. I also found remains of tables and work benches. The top-right photo shows the location where thousands of toys were tipped over a quarry edge then covered over. As kids we found out where the toys were dumped and we used to take loads home, much to the annoyance of my mum. The site now has had thousands of tons of soil tipped on top so the whole area has been filled in - quite sad in a way as there are thousands of toys buried here. I know of at least another three areas where toys were also dumped".

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