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Rosedale Factory, Cinderford


Assembly workers at the old Rosedale factory in Cinderford

Left to Right: 1 Ann Hopkins, 2 Pat Popejoy (nee Powell) ,3 ,4 ,5 6, 7,8,9, 10 Maureen ( Mo) James, 11, 12, 13 ,14 ,15, 16 Eileen Walby, 17.

Terry wrote (Sept 2007): "I'm trying to get a history of the factory together and would like to correspond with any ex workers. The factory opened in 1945 and was one of Cinderford's largest employers. They made all sorts of plastic items including combs, buttons, toys, dolls, plastic cutlery, bowls, buckets etc and probably some of the more famous items were the Electric Reed Organ and red Double Decker Bus. The storage building was destroyed by fire in 1968, as a child I watched it burn from our back garden. Production did carry on at various other locations up until the 1980s. Anyone who worked there, or has any photos items made there, or paperwork I would love to chat to you. I'm in the process of getting the history of the factory together for a possible book and museum display. Please contact me at: T Halford

Thanks also to Roy Popejoy.

Gemma Hopkins added (March 2010): "... I have a feeling that number 1 on the left hand side in this photo is my nan Ann Hopkins. It looks just like her and she worked there for years".

Mrs Lilian Hyndman added (March 2010): "...I (was), Forewoman at Rosedales. This photo I took of the girls working in the basement, I gave for a show at the Dean Heritage Museium".

Phil Hancox added (Feb 2012): "... my mother Margaret Hancox, nee Hale worked at Rosedales around 1955-1964. Not sure if she is in the photograph but if anyone remembers her I would like to hear from you. Great picture I was only 2-11 when we lived on the green so only a slight memory of the area, but its great seeing pics of the past. Great work. would love to be able to put my mother back in touch with anyone who remembers her."

Bill Harris added (Jan 2013): "... Lady number 16 right in the background is my wife's mother Eileen Walby. She worked at Rosedales for some years".

Lynzie Weyman added (April 2014): "... Number 1 on back row is .. Eileen Weyman I believe sister of the owner at Rosedale Mrs Gwendoline Weyman".

Julie Savory added (March 2015): "... No 10 right at the back , standing in between ladies in blue and pink overalls ... My lovely Mum ... Maureen ( Mo) James ... RIP worked there until fire in 1968 and then went to work in the staff canteen at RA Listers ..."

Jan Vilis added (Nov. 2015): "... My mum is in this photo Ruby Brain also Josie Weaver"

Roger Tudor added (Feb 2022): "... Some of the names Iremember were Ernie Fit STORES / Percy Tudor MY dad departmental manager / Elvin Partridge drove the lorry / Bob Williams i think was a supervisor / I worked there also as in stores with Ernie when the stores went to Gloucester also drove the 3 ton truck up and down to Steam Mills".

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