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Northern United Colliery, Cinderford.

image Northern United Colliery, Cinderford

Glyn wrote (June 2007): "... from a brochure issued by the Power Company which did the Power installation when NU was being sunk , 1934/5. I was under-manager there from 1954 to 1962 when I returned to Monmouthshire".

Harry Meredith

Harry Meredith after working 52 years at various mines Mr W H Meredith ... has retired from Northern United Colliery - courtesy of Sheila Howe who added "... Please find attachment of photograph of Harry Meredith on his retirement from the Northern United mine in 1962. He was known as Pinger to his colleagues".

Anon added (June 2023) "... Mrs Meredith's first name was Ivy ... the lady in the photo is Sheila".

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