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Cinderford Mining & Technical College

image: Cinderford Mining & Technical College (72k)

Jeff wrote (Aug 2006) : "Attached is an old school photograph from Cinderford Mining & Technical College in approximately 1957, where I went full time between the ages of 13 and 16. Shown in the photo are the following :-
Back row: Richard Lee, Victor Drew, John Joseph, David Hammond, Roger Teague, Robert Peachey, Terry Little, George Taylor.
Front row: Graham Yeates, Roger Turner, John Stephens, Ivor Brown (Form Tutor) Jeffrey Hewlett, Brian Hughes, Leslie Meadows and Colin Brown.
The class had a reunion this year [2006] and the only one we were not able to contact was Ian Brown (not on the Photograph) Ian lived at Bollow, Westbury-on-Severn and after at Green Bottom. He worked at a garage in Cinderford Bridge. If anyone can let me have his current contact details I shall be most grateful.". image: Cinderford Mining and Technical College student

Susan Cox added (February 2011): "... my dad was Ivor Brown. He attended the reunion with his boys together with my mum. They had a wonderful time and talked about it often. Sadly my dad died in May 2007 and my mum in April 2008 but left us wonderful memories".

Jeff Jones added (January 2012): "... Is this the same Ivor Brown who taught me Woodwork at RFDGS in the early 1970s? it certainly looks like him . If so may I say his lesson was easily my favourite, a nice gentleman teaching a great subject. I still treasure and use the beautiful chessboard I could'nt have made without his teaching. Belated thanks and sympathies to Mr Brown and his family. I still regret following the advice of the 1976 Careers master to drop woodwork for metalwork to ensure a successful future. At school the metalwork class was far less enjoyable ... . Despite good qualifications and an apprenticeship my subsequent engineering career has been dogged with leaving the Forest, redundancies and company closures as the once great British manufacturing industry died. Easily the most successful wealthiest member of my family career-wise is a cousin who left school with no qualifications except one in woodwork..... If only I'd known the full significance of my Wright grandparents and that they'd been skilled woodturners at Longhope".

Dave Tuffley added (November 2015): "... Yes, the form tutor is Ivor Brown who taught me metalwork at East Dean Grammar School in 1965 to 1967. I really looked forward to his lessons and through him I started my 50 years in Engineering. I don't regret a moment thanks to Ivor - great chap, and sad to hear that he has died. This was only the one lesson that I got A's and B's in".

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