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Market Street, Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

Market St, Cinderford

Market Street, Cinderford

The building on thr right is "The Ministry of labour and National Service". The photo probably dates from the 1950s.
Thanks to Royston Pritchard for adding (May 2007): "This was just before the centre was demolished. I was going to 'Tech' at this time. The shop with the awning is Ensors Butchers shop. Percy Drews isn't built yet - you can still see his old shop in the far distance in Market Place".

Thanks also to Graham Turner for adding (July 2007): "The shop beyond Ensor's is Sonny Nicholson's confectioners. On the day rationing ended they sold out of sweets within minutes. The next shop beyond is my father's newsagent (and fancy goods - whatever that is) with our 1935 Humber coming into view. Next was John Pateman Chemist and Horace Bonser Greengrocer. On the near left may have been an electrician's (is that Les Giles gold and red Vauxhall Cresta?) The other side of the steps to Foundry Lane was Ernie Preece Men's Outfitters. Also on that side was Len Godwin Jeweller, Hawkins Baker, Mason Grocery, The George Inn and Westaways Grocery".

Richard Young added (November 2009): "... Just to confirm approx. date. The Morris Minor in this form (split screen & horizontal grille bars) was introduced in Oct 1954 and the Vauxhall Cresta also dates from 1954".

Winifred Freeman added (January 2011): "... the house before the Labour Exchange is number 30, where i was born and lived till 1953 when Ii left to go to college in Birmingham".

John Phillips added (July 2011): "... The shop on the near left was originally Ensors butchers. They moved to their new shop next to Sonny Nicholson's and the old shop became the Gas Board show rooms. The Gas Board had moved from a shop in Commercial Street next to Ron Meek's bakery confectionery business. The Gas Board later moved to a new shop at the top of High Street and the Market Street premises were taken by a retailer of domestic appliances. I also remember Winifred Freeman living at No. 30. She used to accompany the Cinderford Baptist Junior Choir. Happy Days".
John also added (November 2011): "... This picture cannot be older than 1957. If you look at the chimney above Ernie Preece's shop you will see a television aerial of a type designed to receive both BBC and ITV transmissions. This aerial is directed towards Cardiff. The ITV transmitter at St Hilary near Cardiff opened in 1957 and brought ITV to a large part of Cinderford for the first time".

Norman Austin added (January 2023): " I am looking for Winifred Freeman 30 Market street Cinderford Gloustershire"

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