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The Lucky Charms at Rockfield Studio, 1966

Lucky Charms

Steve wrote: "... Cinderford group 'The Lucky Charms' in 1966. Guys left to right Dave Humphries (lead guitar) - went on to become an Anglican vicar, Brian Hardwick (lead vocalist), Roy Watkins (Bass guitar, 12 string guitar,vocals), Steve Daly (songwriter). My song 'More and More' was recorded by studio owner Kingsley Ward but I don't have this recording. Note Rockfield Studios , Monmouth became quite famous in pop music - in the 70s Queen recorded 'Bohemian Rhapsody' there. The mp3 file is a another recording of 'More and More ' made by me in the 1970s... Back then I was pretty active in the Forest pop scene and knew Rob Davies, Roy Watkins and Richard Holland who feature on your pages. There were lots of other bands but at the time I wasn't into photography so unfortunately I don't have any photos of them. Among others there were - The Cinderford Tornadoes, The Good Goods from Newnham, The Blue Ribbon Roll Band from Coleford and Bry And the Pathfinders from Cinderford. One of the most successful Forest musicians of that era was Dave Wintour of Lydney who became a professional bass guitarist and for many years toured the world with Neil Sadaka. It was Dave who gave me an introduction to Kingsley Ward - record producer who owned Rockfield with his brother Charles. Oh that reminds me of another local band The Chas Kingsley Combo in which the brothers played".

Frank Osborne added (January 2014): "... My sister followed a band called the 'St. Louis Union' I'm pretty sure they were a soul band. This would have been around 1965/66. They were a good band I beleive. My sister Dorothy or 'Dot' passed away in2008".

Steve Mew added (December 2017): "... Dave Wintour was previously the lead guitarist of Lydney based Rn B band the Memphis 4 I was their harmonica player in 1964".

Kate Donovan added (November 2020): "... My father Tony Lewis was the lead singer of the Memphis Four from Lydney around 1964".

Steve's song More and More (MP3 file)

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