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Cinderford W.V.S.

Cinderford W.V.S.

Cinderford Women's Voluntary Service, Civil Defence, 1939 - 1945

Row 3 : 1 ?, 2 Mrs Mary Dunlop , 3 ,? , 4? , 5 Miss Ethel Willstead.
Row 2 : 1 Mrs Church , 2 Mrs Cecily Morgan , 3 ? , 4 Mrs Scott, 5 Mrs Colchester-Wymss , 6 ? , 7 Mrs Porter, 8 Mrs Burris, 9 Mrs Webley
Row 1 : 1 Mrs E Moore, 2 Mrs Grace Pateman , 3 Mrs Winifred Penn , 4 Mrs Harriet Moseley , 5 Mrs Nancy Moore, 6 Mrs L M Jones , 7 Mrs Thomas

Thanks to Mrs Margaret Baldwin who helped with the names and also added - (May 2006) :"This photo brought back so many lovely memories of Cinderford. However, the photo was not taken during the period 1939-45. Mrs. Dunlop (Dr. Dunlop's wife) did not arrive in Cinderford until 1951 at the earliest. Mrs. Dunlop became a good friend of my Mother and visited us frequently. During the war period we lived at 66 High Street and moved to Denecroft in 1948 and it is there in the early 50's that Mrs. Dunlop came to see us."
Mrs. Grace Pateman was the wife of Mr. Pateman, the Chemist next to Bonsors Fruit and near the Triangle. Mrs.Harriet (Hattie) Moseley was the Bank Manager's wife (I cannot remember which Bank). Mrs. L.M. Jones was the wife of Mr. Olaus Jones, Senior French Master at East Dean Grammar School.

Thanks also to Linda Weatherley (nee Baker) who added (June 2007):."Mrs Jones was a french teacher at East Dean Grammar School & The Royal Forest Of Dean Grammar School".

John Phillips added (December 2011): "... The Mrs Jones in the photograph was certainly the wife of Olaus Jones. Olaus was senior French Master at East Dean Grammar School until his retirement in 1960. His wife never taught French at EDGS during my time and she died at about the time The Royal Forest Grammar School opened 1968. I think Linda may be confusing her with Miss Birde-Jones who also taught French at EDGS and may well have moved on to The royal Forest GS when East Dean closed".

Also, thanks to Tim Willstead.

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