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Cinderford Young Liberals / Woodside St Cinderford

image: Cinderford Young Liberals (85k)

Cinderford Young Liberals
From left to right: 1 David Elliot? , 2 Dave Andrews, 3 John Beddington , 4 Brian Moore (sunglasses), 5 David Marfell, 6 Mike Dunn .

Woodside street Cinderford in the 1950s

Woodside Street, Cinderford in the 1950s.

John's father was Forest poet and author Harry Beddington. Thanks also to Ken Butcher.
Carole Harapetian added (Sept 2010): "... John Beddington is now UK Chief Scientist Sir John Beddington".

John Phillips added (December 2015): "... The picture of Woodside Street must be a lot earlier than the 1950s. Look at the cars - there are only two of them and they are both pre-war models. Also the clothes worn by the two ladies leaning against the window of The Dairy are definitely older than the 1950s. No I think more likely to be the 1930s I can't work out where the picture of the Young Liberals was taken although I recognise all the people in the photograph".

Below is a letter-head used by Madame Claire, the hairdresser at the right of the photo

image: madame Claire letterhead (23k)
Letterhead Courtesy of Ian Pope of LightMoor Press

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