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Cinderford Wesley Band of Hope Cricket Club 1910

Cinderford Wesley Band of Hope Cricket Club 1910

Row 3 (back row) L-R 1, 2 Alfred Morgan, 3.
Row (standing) L-R 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7 Len Morgan, 8 (boy).
Row 1, (sitting/kneeling) L-R 1 Edgar Edwin (Ted) Beard., 2, 3, 4, 5 Ernest Morgan, 6 Alfred Morgan , 7.

Roger Buck added (Feb 2015): "... I am related to a number of men in the photograph. My Great Grandfather is in the centre at the back of the photograph. He was a Blacksmith. His name is Alfred Morgan. (In other photographs he can be seen leading the 'Band of Hope' through Cinderford.) He had family of five -3 sons and 2 daughters. One of these Annie was my Grandmother who had two children, my mother Winifred and Harold my Uncle. In the photograph his sons can be seen sitting in the front row. Ernest Morgan is fifth from the left and he is seated next to his brother, Alfred Morgan. At the end of the middle row above them on the right - dark suit with a pocket hankerchief in his top pocket and shown with a handlebar moustache is their brother Len Morgan".

Thanks to Stephen Brooks for help with the names.
Steve added (July 2006): "I live in Pontefract West Yorkshire and there is a connection with the Cinderford area, several families moved up to Yorkshire in the 1920’s and their children and grandchildren still live here. The family names that I know that moved up from Cinderford are Beard, Hughes, Merritt and Davis".

Kathleen Evans added (Feb 2008): "... my grandfather John Harper Morgan came from Cinderford. I live in Pontefract and I knew the Merrits and a nice man called Eddy Davis that still has an Aunt living there. I am related to Clair Simonds and when I was sixteen I stayed at the Nag's Head with my mum who was Mary Lydia Morgan"..

Carol Jackson added (May 2008): "I live in Leeds. John Morgan was married to Jane Brain. She was the daughter of Thomas and Lydia Brain. Thomas was my great great grandfather's son".

A report (which may have no connection to this photo) appeared in the Gloucester Journal of 18 June 1910: "Flaxley 55; Cinderford Band of Hope 19. At Flaxley. S Young (13), W Harris (10) and A Packer (10) batted well and S Young (six wickets for 7) and A Packer (3 for 7) were in good form with the ball for the winners. F East (six wickets) bowled well for the losers".

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