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Bilson School/ Double View School / E.D.G.S. in the 1920s

image: Bilson School 1920s (62k)

John Phillips added (July 2011): "... This definitely is n't Bilson School, the architecture is wrong. Bilson School was built of dressed stone and this building is brick-built. It could have been E.D.G.S. but I dont remember the very distinctive wall on the left hand side of the photo. Could it be Double View?."

Ruth Reed added (July 2011): "... This photograph is near the steps on the left to the boys entrance of EDGS. The iron railings and the brickwork patterns are unmistakable."

John Phillips added (August 2011): "... Ruth is right about the brickwork pattern, it is very similar to that used in the EDGS building. It is unlikely that this could be the boy's entrance that I recall as there were no railings to the left hand side of the steps and only a plain straight handrail to the right. The boy's entrance can be seen in the photograph taken of the buildings in 1980. ... EDGS was extended c.1930 including enlargement of the boy's cloakrooms/toilets. This picture could therefore have been of that part of the school as it was pre the 1930's extension but no resemblance to what was there in my day 1953-60".
"Perhaps the mystery will never be solved - but one thing is absolutely certain it is not Bilson School".

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