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Bilson school c1952

Bilson School

Bilson school c1952

Back row (Row 4) 1 Mrs Dyer now Mitchell, 2 R.Curtis,3 K.Harvey, 4 M.Harris, 5.T Baldwin, 6.J.Hopkins, 7 M.Drew, 8 J.Harris, 9 M.Burcher, 10.M.Brownson, 11.T Howells.
Row 3: 1.?.Jones, 2 R.Hatch, 3 R.Barrington,4 R.Fiels,5 M.Hatch, 6 J.Phillips, 7.R Arkell, 8 M.Brimble, 9.B.Joiner.
Row 2: Jackline Creed Lavinia Baldwin, 2 Pauline Hinds, 3 M.Buffin, 4.J.Brown, 5.M.Cann, 6.J.Grindle, 7. P.Etheridge, 8 Barbara Barnard, 9 Pauline Harper, 10 Linda Brown, 11.A.Coldrick.
Front row (Row 1): 1 M. French, 2 Doreen Bevan, 3 Margaret Beizley, 4 Jean Fisher, 5 Margaret Hawkes, 6 J. Turley.

Thanks also to Robert Harris, Vivien West, Peter Widdop, Marguerite Beizsley, Doreen Williams, Graham Turner and John Wilson.

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