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Bilson School 1953

Bilson School 1953

Back Row (row 4): 1. Keith Wood 2. Peter Widdop 3.Michael Popejoy 4. John Phillips 5. John Kilby 6. Billy Phelps 7. David Richard Read 8. ?? ?? 9. Roger Teague 10. David John Read.
Row 3: 1. Ann Coldrick 2. Juliet Brown 3. Judith? Grindle 4. Margaret Cann 5. Barbara Barnard (her brother Julian was with me at Monmouth) 6. Pam Etheridge 7 Gillian Ellis 8.Mary Buffin 9. Mary Bevan
Row 2: 1. Pat East 2. Pam East 3. Margaret Beizley 4. Doreen Bevan 5. Marie French 6. ?? Fisher 7. Linda? Brown? 8. ?? Cotterell 9. Bunty? Blewitt
Front Row (row 1): 1. John Williams 2. Riichard Scott 3. Leslie Page 4. John Tyler (also at Monmouth) 5. ?? Tingle? 6. ?? Meek 7. Mike Roberts, 8. ?? ??

Peter wrote: "... I recently came upon the SunGreen site by chance, but my eyes opened when I saw the words Bilson School, Cinderford. I attended the school from 1949 to 1953 before moving on to Monmouth School in October 1953. My form teachers were Mrs Brain (1949/50), Mr Green (1950/51), Mr Meek (1951/52) and Mrs Beard (1952/53). My family moved away from Cinderford in 1954 and my association with the town only lasted about as long as my time at Bilson School whilst my father was a lecturer at the nearby Mining and Technical College for a similar period. Attached is a photograph, lately rediscovered after about 55 years, of, I think, Class 10 (Mrs Beard) taken either upon entry in September 1952 or perhaps just before we all moved on in July 1953. ... Surprisingly many of the names have stuck and I list those that I remember. Where I am not totally sure I have added a question mark after the name. Where I am totally unsure, double question marks. I very much enjoyed looking at photographs of Bilson faces not seen for some time and was interested to see Mrs Beard, Mr Green, Mrs Dyer, Mr Voyce and especially Mr Gowman in your early 1950's pictures. Thank you for taking me down memory lane for a while".

Ian Wilson added (June 2011): "... I refer to Bilson School 1953 Number 2. I had left Bilson School in Feb. 1952 and have been trying to trace Keith Wood or Michael Popejoy ever since. My father taught at East Dean Grammar School. We moved to Mansfield in that Feb. having lived at 7 Church Road since 1944. Any help would be appreciated". If you can help - please click the 'i' button below.

Julian Barnard added (July 2013): "... You show my Sister Barbara in the 1953 School photo, which was uplifted from Peter Widdop. Regretably I must advise my sister has passed away [1972] but had married here in Australia and had 3 boys. Re Peter, I used to play with him as he lived close, but he moved away and I came to Australia in 1960. I woulkd be delighted to receive an email from Peter, if possible Yours Sincerely Julian".

Thanks also to John Phillips, Carole Morefield, Mike Roberts, Graham Turner and Stephen Daly.

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