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Harry Beddington

Harry Beddington

The photos above and the following poem are reproduced here with kind permission from Harry's son Roy Beddington.-

The Mon in White by Harry Beddington

Owld Jarge and I went out ver 'ood
Across the rocks by Abbot's 'ood.

'Twere gettin' on ver openin' time
When we come by thic owld iron mine.

We squat us down ta 'ave a pipe
And I rached out ta give Jarge a light.

Now, Jarge 'im is a clumsy zaul
'Im dropped my lighter down thic 'ole.

We clambered down and vetched un up
Twenty-vive steps, and that's a yup.

And then it started on ta pour
Zo we went down thic 'ole once more

Now, in thic cave, zo dark and black
Zummut screamed, right at our back.

Jarge grapped at I, I grapped at 'im
Our bwuns rattled in ev'ry limb.

At the back of thic cave stood a Mon in white
Zurry, 'im did give us a fright.

'Im stepped right out vram thic stwun wall
And Jarge let out an awful bawl.

'Im went up them steps like 'im ould bust
And I went a'ter'n, and got there vust.

Owld Jarge, 'im zed im'd bust 'is knee
Thou mind, I didn't stop ta zee.

We legged it on a goodish bit
Then Jarge began ta drag 'is vit

'Im gasped out, "Zurry, I be done"
And then 'im zaw thic mon agyun.

Thou mind, 'im zoon vergot 'is bust
Thou coustn't zee 'is tail ver dust.

Right up ta 'is front door 'im vled
And 'id all night beneath the bed.

'Im 'ad ta tell I this next marn
'Cos I was wum 'alf hour bevore'n

Now : If thouse ever want a fight
Thou exe Jarge 'bout thic Mon in White

Pat Blackburn added (March 2011): "... My grandparents came from the Forest and settled here in Yorkshire in the early 1900's. My parents and I spent our holidays every year at Popes Hill.There was a connection to Harry & Mildred Beddington and my mother (cousins). I remember this wonderful couple so well and the many delicious teas we had with them. Harry gave me a copy of his book 'Forest of Dean Humour' which I still have. If anyone would like it I will willingly pass it on as I am getting on a bit now. In the book he relates a story of a miner getting his mates to carry him up a steep hill saying he was ill. He was n't. That was my grandfather".

Amanda Powys added (April 2011): "... My mother's aunt Eva was the sister of Harry Beddington and lived at Popes Hill. My mother was June Corston and the daughter of Hilda Gladys Beddington, 11th child of Louisa nee Dorrington and Henry Beddington. Harry lived at The Barn in Cinderford and he and his wife Mildred looked later on after Eva at Popes Hill. My mother June, now aged 87 remembers holidays in Cinderford and visits to Pope's Hill in the 1930s. June read the notes from Pat Blackburn March 2011 on holidays at Popes Hill remembering it as such a small place and easy to identify and wonders if they are related through the Beddingtons or Dorringtons. We would certainly welcome any information about Forest relatives. We listenend to Harry Beddington on the c.d of Forest Talk SAYDISC.with Winifred Foley Keith Morgan and Dick Brice. It is good to hear the Forest voices".

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