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Bilson School between 1955 and 1960

A photo of a class of pupils at Bilson School

Row 4: Mrs Marfell Johnson (teacher) 1, 2 Roger Tudor (Joyce), 3 Kenny James, 4 David Adams, 5 Willie Beckett, 6 David Wilkins, 7 Vince Roberts.
Row 3: 1, 2, 3, 4 Judith Buffin, 5 Violet Knight, 6,7,8,9 Ann Morgan.
Row 2: 1 Keith Morgan, 2 Roger Miles, 3 Pat Wickstead, 4 Rose Blowers, 5 Sandra Baldwin, 6, 7 Michael Hopkins.
Row 1: 1 Andrew Jenkins, 2 Graham Powell, 3 Charlie Johnson, 4 David Gwynn

David Humpries added: "... I don't think that the teachers name is correct; Miss Marfell was a teacher (she taught me) but this may be Miss (Mrs) Johnson".

Willie Beckett added (January 2015): "... I am the 5th pupil on the back row (scruffy tie etc. to the left of Vince Roberts). Believe it or not but I can remember the photo being taken. Mum insisted that I wear a tie and comb my hair before going to school that day. However, she failed to factor in that there would be a play and lunch-time before the photo shoot. As it was we played football that lunch time and I ended up getting trampled upon in a free for all melee - hence the 'slightly' dishevelled appearance".

Thanks also to Ruth Jackson.

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