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Bilson School pupils, Cinderford in 1947

Bilson School in 1947

Row 4 1: Mrs Wilkes; 2: Ann Baker; 3: Pat Fallows; 4: Rosemary Oxenham; 5: Daphne Sterry; 6: Thelma Mathews; 7: Beryl Barnard; 8: Josie Baldwin; 9: Josie Tyler; 10: Maureen Thomas; 11: Pamela Hibberd; 12: Margaret Morse.
Row 3 1: John Hayward; 2: Frank Bayliss; 3: Oliver (Olly) Hill; 4:John Ashmead; 5: Stan Phelps; 6: Douglas Jones; 7: Michael Dimmock; 8: Brian Mould; 9: Rex Stevens; 10: Alan Phelps; 11: Mr Gowman (Headmaster).
Row 2 1: Ruby Williams; 2: Pearl Williams; 3: Diane Clutterbuck; 4: Janet Bell; 5: Josie Manns; 6: Betty Hare; 7: Ruth Morgan; 8: Jean Thomas; 9: Janet Thomas; 10: Daphne Wallace; 11: Cecily Trigg; 12:Jean Barnard; 13: Glenys Teague.
Front row (or row 1) 1:Tony East; 2: Graham Probert; 3: Harry Fox; 4: Stanley Higgleton; 5: Geoffrey Mathews; 6: Bob Byett (later to own a pet shop/garden sundries in Cinderford High street); 7: Keith Wakefield; 8: Bob Moore.

Jeff Jones added: "... Great to see the photo of my old school - happy memories . Olly Hill was my parent's coalman, a cheerfull chap who kept horses at the top of Dockham for trotting racing. In this pic he's the spitting image of his sons - Nick who was at Bilson and later Ranks with me and also youngest Steve. ... Mrs Hill was my mother's postlady for several years. ... ".

Thanks also to Robin Phelps.

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