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Beddington and Embling families, Cinderford

Beddignton, Cinderford

Top right: "The Embling family of Cinderford - not sure where in Cinderford the photo was taken. Tom Evans Embling, engine fitter, with wife Annie Louisa".

Top Left: 1,2, 3 Hilda Corston (sister of Harry B.), 4 Harry Beddington.

Bottom:" Business card found amongst Beddington family photos. Alice Beddington was wife of Robert Holton Beavis of Boey's Tobacconists, Cinderford".

Sarah Simmonds added (February 2016): "... Top left second person is Eva Brobyn, Harry Beddington's sister. Bottom Boeys tobacconist - Alice Beddington (sister of Harry Beddington) and Robert Holton Beavis were the parents of R. H. Beavis ( Robert Henry ) who ran the tobacconist with Patrick Davis".

A site visitor added (August 2021): "... I think in the top left photo of Harry Beddington he is standing next to his sister Lil, the twin sister of Eve. Eve married a miner".

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