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Double View Secondary Modern School, Cinderford.


Back: John Saville, Robert Jones, John Lusty, Adrian Morgan, Peter Isles, Alan Parsons, Robert Nelmes, Ian Higgins.
Row 3: Keith Tyler, Judith Young, Alison Reed, Rita Young, Jaqueline Powell, Jane Wilce, Sheila Ward, Lorraine Thomas.
Row 2: Susan Mountjoy, Sandra Morgan, Susan Phillips, Patricia Knowles, Kay Sterry, Janet Simmonds, Susan Wilce, Jean Murrell, Kathyrine Whyte.
Front: Trevor Young, Ray Walkley, Michael Howells, Michael Johnson.

Kay Sterry Knight added (Feb 2012): "... This photo was taken in 1962 not 64.Iit was my 1st year at Double View. The names are all correct". (originally the photo was dated as 1964/5 - Ed.)

Glynne Miller added (October 2016); "... This photo can't be 1962 because I was at Littledean Primary School with Alison Reed & Roy (not Ray) Walkley in 1962 - we were only 10 years old !".

Ann Sims added (January 2019): "... it can't be 1962 as I was still at Littledean school then. I startedat Double View in September 1963 when I was nearly 12 and I know some of the people in the photo",

Roger Mountjoy added (September 2020): "... I think the dates may be wrong as I started at Double View in 1961 and Susan Mountjoy was a good 2 to 3 years behind me".

Thanks also to David Moore.

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