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Cinderford Star Football Club, Gloucestershire.

Cinderford Star FC

Ian wrote: "... It was suggested to me that this was late 1950s, but my father (Ken Walford) is on there and wasn't born until 1946, so I would suggest mid-1960s is more likely. These are the names scribbled on the back of the photo".

Back Row (three to the back and left hand side); Peter Skelton, Mr Skelton, Ralph Trigg
Middle Row; Barry Head (jumper), Vernon Matthews, Tony (Shady) East, Graham Head, John Nibblet, Ken Turner, Mickey Bluett (six players), Wallace Jones, Cecil Garnet Trigg, Ken Walford
Front Row; Albert Beddis, ?? Carpenter, Roy Higgins (?? Taffy?), Keigh Gabbs, Tom Grindle.

Robin Phelps added: "... Correction Middle row - Cecil Garnet Trigg. He was my maternal grandfather. For many years he reported Cinderford Town AFC games for, I believe, the Western Daily Press when the "Town" was a noted side and the ground on occasions was packed with fans, unlike today. Cecil Trigg was a well-known local character often seen on his motorbike and sidecar loaded with ladders for cleaning windows in Cinderford's High Street. He was also a barber and I still bear the scars of his speciality, the rather severe "Trigg crewcut" . Still, he'd get rid of any corners you might have on your head. And nits were too scared to alight on us".

Dave Tuffley added: "... I can distinctly remember Cecil's old motorbike and sidecar. He also had a barbers shop at Mitcheldean in competition with Jimmy Austin across the road. Jim did any style as long as it was 'short back sides' Cecil played it crafty by putting out comics for us kids to read whilst we were waiting to be shorn".

John Belcher added (June 2015): "... The Star began at the Globe Inn in the High St, Cinderford as the Globe Trotters in the late 1950s".

Thanks also to Cheryl Grindle.

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