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Men at work in Bixhead quarry near Coalway, Gloucestershire.

A photo of men working in Bixhead quarry near Cannop, Gloucestershire

Bill Smith on the left?, Terry Fletcher, back to camera and Bert Knight looking at camera, on right,,. Stone is being loaded into the lorry.

David John Evans added: "... I can't identify Bill Smith, but I remember Terry Fletcher, who I think lived in Coalway, and Bert Knight who I think came into my parent's shop on Saturday evenings to get the "Pink-un", the sports edition of the Gloucester Citizen. Does Albert Weager know the approximate date of this photo? I remember as a quite young boy going to Bixhead quarry which seemed immensely deep and my recollection is that stone was no longer being quarried there in the early 1950's. There were long pieces of steel rope probably for the cranes. I'm not sure if they were borrowed by the local children but I recall them tying a length to a tall tree and running it down to shoulder height. We then climbed the tree and slid down the rope wire. We called it an "Alpine". We made our own fun in those days. There was no Mallards Pike and no rules and regulations about Health and Safety".

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