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Shire Horses hauling timber.

Shire horses pulling timber

"I attach another lantern slide scan of Shires hauling timber (a rarer photographic subject of Dean in my view), I picked this one up amongst a half dozen other subjects of Dean and although all are labelled FOD and I can’t say for sure either way (Westbury Ct Gardens was unmistakably one which give the labelling some precedence!). A beautiful image wherever it may be! "

Does anyone recognise the location?

Phil Horsley added: "... George Moore from New Road Bream used to be in charge of the team of horses pulling timber for a Mr kear who had a yard also along the New Road. As boys we used to try and ride on the read of the wagon, much to George's displeasure. My guess is the scene is on the road from Parkend to Bream between the quarry and the Bowson road".

Peggy Ryland added: "... I was very young at the time. However, I do remember my father helping with the horses to pull the felled logs. The logs were loaded at Fairplay which is at the top of Plump Hill where once stood a Forestry Commission Lodge. They were then taken down the winding road past the Forest Church to Nailbridge saw mills. This could be a picture of that era?".

Bob Smith added (December 2013): "... I agree with Peggy. I think this picture was taken about halfway down from the top of the Plump towards Nailbridge where Hales Builders yard is now".

Paul Phelps added (August 2015): "... The horse drawn timber wagon looks like it's heading for Parkend right outside Forest of Dean Stonefirms corner on New Road Cannop... "

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