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A School prefect badge photo.

A photo of a school badge

Di wrote: "... I have recently been looking at your website and discovered my father in the photos of East Dean Grammar School. Wonderful, as I did not have any of those. ... (I would like to) try to identify a prefect badge that was in my father's possession. I am pretty certain that it is not his, as the photos of him that show the prefect badge show it to have a flat top, not a shield shape as in the one that I have. I attach a photo of the badge I have, in case you can shed any light on this mystery. I thought it might stand for Cinderford Boys Secondary School, but my online surfing has not shown any school with that name. Also the motto is not the one for East Dean Grammar School as on your site".

The scale is in inches.

Can anyone identify the badge?.

Gillian Ward added: "... Would the prefects badge be from Bishops Cleeve Secondary School?".

Tony Davis added: 'The Latin "Respice, Aspice, Prospice" on the badge translates as "Examine the past, the present and the future". This motto comes up on the internet as being used in many countries but Aspice is spelt Adspice. The only schools that I found using or having used the motto as shown are: Bishop Stortford High School. Bootle Boys Grammar School. Knutsford Grammar School. Regis School Wolverhampton'.

Sophie Powell added: "... I think that's a G going through the B. It could be something to do with Bells Grammar School?".

Dave Nash added: "... The Bells motto was "Per angusta ad Augusta",which translates as through difficulties to honours.Also if you look on the Forest of dean Golf Club advertisement a slightly modified to the original badge can be seen. As far as I am aware this was the badge and motto for a long time."

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