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Gladys Edith Brown.

A photo showing Gladys Edith Brown - but who else is in the photo?

Trina added: "The photo above is, I believe is of my grandmother Gladys Edith Brown and was taken outside one of the pubs the family owned in the Forest. The others I have been told were some family members from Wales. I think standing may be Uncle 'Chum'? (Harold Brown). But I all this is guess work. Can anyone help please?".

Susan Gilligan added: "... I have spoken to my father, ... and he is fairly certain that the woman, in the middle, on the motor bike is Gladys".

"The pubs that the family owned were:

Frank Brown - Dairyman and New Inn  at Parkend
Edwin Brown - Royal Oak and Bailey Inn - Yorkley
Harold (Chum) Brown - Miners Arms at Whitecroft
Albert Brown - Stagg Inn - Yorkley
Gordon Brown - Bailey Inn and Rising Sun at Yorkley and Parkend".

"The dates were from the late 1800s through to about 2002 when Gordon retired. I remember going to Uncles Chum's pub in the late 1960s early 1970s".

"My Dads Mum, Gladys died in 1939 leaving 4 very young children the youngest 6 months old ... The youngest of her children (my Uncle John) was adopted by Arthur and Betty James and was sent to Australia by Lord Bedisloe.

I know that Albert's wife my great grandmother, Mary Cecelia Mallard died in the Stagg on 9 Jan 1935. Albert was a miner prior to him taking over the pub. He died on 19 Nov 1949 at the Stagg Inn.

I have been researching both sides of my family for over 20 years so have extensive notes but there is still more to find. 'Ive written a book which has been available on Amazon and I have a few hard copies printed (for family more than anything). its called "Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow"

My Mother's family spent some time in Forest with my great grandad on her side being born in Newnham in 1881. His name was Frederick James Hart and rose from humble beginnings to belong to the French aristocracy. There seems to be a link between the 2 families but I havent got to it yet but there are Harts on both sides from the Forest.

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