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A Woolaston bride.


Jo wrote (March 2008): "You recently solved the mystery of the couple in the wedding photo I sent in, as Edward Winter and May Cook. The name of the groom in this photo is Charlie Cook from Woolaston, born in 1905, who I suspect is a relative of May Cook, unfortunately I don't know the name of the bride".

Can anyone help?

H.J. Warren added (March 2008): "Charlie and his brother Joe both left Woolaston to join the Police Force in London ( The Met I suspect) and at least Charlie became high ranking officer. Charlie married a girl from London whose name was Violet ( no surname available) who I would think must be the girl in the photo.
The Cooks lived on Woolaston Common near the turning to Sandtumps and there were Chas, Joe, Rose, May and Ruth that I am aware of. It is believed that at sometime they lived in Spout Hill Woolaston.
The photo background looks familiar so could be a Woolaston wedding where the register will give more details".

Thanks also to Jill Thomas who added: "If this is a photo of Charlie Cook, then the bride's name is Violet Cranham from London. The siblings of Charlie were May, George, Joe, Ruth and Rose (not sure the birth order) Charlie and George left Woolaston to go to London and joined the police force (Met or City of London). Charlie rose to the rank of Inspector. Joe served in the Gloucester Regiment during the war saw action in Malaya, on his entry back into civilian life he worked at Pine End, he never married and he and his sister Rose lived together until their deaths, on Woolaston Common. Ruth married Bill Stinchcombe and had one son, Clifford. George married Emily Garman in London. I am pretty sure that this photo would have been taken in London as the fashion in those days was to get married where the woman was from, and my father has no recollection of them being married locally".

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