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A World War II postcard.

Heywood, Cinderford

World War II postcard

This is part of 'Photocard? gravure of Cinderford and District' and shows the Heywood near Cinderford.

It was posted from Cinderford on 11th September 1942 and after inspection from the censor was sent to Mr John H Birch, R. D.No 7, East Lake Road, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.
The sender (Joan) merely passes comment upon the weather during a visit to Cinderford.
As Terry has an interest in WW2 and WWI in the Forest, he was wondering if anyone could add any information?.

Clive Barnard added (June 2009): " I feel sure this is a photograph of the old road to Collafield looking from Latimer Lodge, the structure ahead is a water reservoir that we used to call the tank. I walked this track many times from the Ruffit as my grandmother lived on Collafield".

Kristie Birch Mansilla added (February 2010): "I was shocked to find this postcard come up when I put my Grandfather's name into google 'John H Birch'. This was sent to him. The address is his childhood home. I'm sorry that I can't give you information regarding the Forest, but you can imagine the joy of seeing it and seeing him name and address. His father emigrated to the US from England so it would make perfect sense".

Graham Turner added (March 2011): "... Clive I'm not entirely sure. If it is the road to Collafield where the trees are on the left a house was built by one of the Mountjoy brothers, now Horizons and one next to it by Clyde Phillips. My father bought the one next to the tank but the ground sloped much more steeply than the photo would indicate. The elevation of the road itself looks very similar. Where the trees are on the far right the ground sloped steeply down to the track leading to Jack Hayward's farm and here there is no indication of that incline. As far as I remember there was a similar tank on the road into Heywood at the lower end of the Causeway but it was removed in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Does anyone else have memories of the Heywood tank I wonder?".

Roger Tudor added (March 2014): " ... As soon as I saw the photo - without reading the comments- I think 90 per cent it is off Causeway Road - where the fence is. To the right of that is where Heywood School is now. When we were kids we would up there playing a lot".

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