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Verderers Court, the Speech House

Speech House Court

Glyn wrote: "I was just wondering if some of your site viewers could help me out with this photo of my grandfather Arthur Lewis sat in the middle row facing the camera on the far left hand side. It looks like it was taken at Speach House and I know that he worked at Cannop Colliery until it closed but due to a lack of relatives still alive to turn to I'm unaware as to what the occasion was or the date".

Glyn has correctly identified this as the Speech House. The room is the Verderer's Court. Can anyone add any more information?.

Row 3: 1, 2, 3 David (Dave) Jenkins NCB Area Personel Officer, 4 Mr O. B. Jordan, 5, 6, 7.
Row 2: 1 Arthur Lewis a Cannop Deputy, 2 Bert Corin a Cannop Deputy, 3 Fred Dowler a Cannop Deputy, 4 , 5 Stan Short a Cannop Overman, 6 Tom Jones a Cannop Overman, 7 Mr ? Watson, 8 Bill Penn a Cannop Deputy, 9.
Row 1: 1 (facing camera), 2 and 3 (backs to camera)

Thanks also to Wendy Mattera.

Thanks to Royston Pritchard who added (Feb 2009): "This is either a Freeminers gathering or a get-together of colliery officials".

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