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Sterry family members of Lydney ?.


Peter wrote : One for your "Can you help?" page regarding both people and places. It's on a postcard. All the back says is "Bob." Judging by another postcard with identical writing of "Bob", that means my father Robert Oscar Harold Essex. The small boy looks to me like his elder brother Sidney who later lived in Bathurst Park, Lydney" ... (Sid Essex, was originally a driver at the Ross-on-Wye branch of British Road Services and continued in the same capacity in Lydney. He was later based at the Gloucester District Office, then Oxford D.O., before managing the branches at High Wycombe and Aylesbury -- Ed) ... " so my father is the babe in arms. If so, I suspect the seated woman is my grandmother Frances nee Sterrey of Lydney but I have nothing so early to compare her with. If I'm right, the two standing might be her sisters Hilda (the shorter one) who married George Virgo and later lived in Fairfield Road, Lydney, and Ivy, who married Tom Salcombe and lived in Albert Street. However, I don't recognise the house and don't remember any relatives living at a house numbered 5. I wonder if anyone can identify the three women or the house?".

Peter added "... I've just been looking again at the 1913 wedding photo (Essex-Sterry) which is the only photographic collateral from that era as far as I know. If you look there at the faces of "Ivy Sterry" and "Hilda Sterry" in the front row, I reckon there's a reasonable resemblance to the standing women in the photo I've just sent you, taking into account that it would be around late 1917. Certainly I remember my great-aunts Ivy as tall (and formidable) and Hilda as short (but still not to be messed with.) If, then, the seated woman is my grandmother Frances nee Sterrey, then the resemblance in her wedding shot is nothing like as striking, but I can't think who else it would have been, especially as my late father had obviously kept this photo for some good reason when at other times he had chucked an awful lot out".

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