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A Pine End Tug at Lydney.

Pine End Tug

Steve wrote: "... I am the owner of a small tug which I believe is the vessel that used to operate at the Pine End Works. It would have been used for moving the timber barges around. I have managed to get hold of one photo dated 1969 which shows the boat. The boat was purchased from Fred Larkham in 1985 and taken to the Gloucester-Sharpness canal,where it was fitted with a new cabin and used as a pleasure craft. I am trying to find any info or photos of this boat during its time at Lydney. I would be most gratefull for any help or advice".

Steve Cooper added (June 2014): "... I was an engineering apprentice at Pine End from around 1965 for 5 years and worked on the tugboat in the photograph. For a good many years the timber barges were moved from the outer basin to Pine Ends Wharf by a Mr Gardiner with a private motor boat. When he retired the company purchased the tug boat second hand to carry out the work itself. The tug boat had a Ford Marine diesel engine and at some point the marine gearbox failed and was replaced with a second hand truck gearbox which was rather unusual".

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