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Inside a local? hall in 1939.

Local Hall?

Anton wrote: " I have a picture attached you may be interested in.  All I know is that it is dated on the back as 1939. My Grandfather Captain Douglas Egerton Cope is in the picture at the back on the far right near the Gentleman’s Sign He also  appears in some of the Home Guard pictures on the website. I don’t know where it was taken but he lived in Woodside Woolaston most of his adult life. I am guessing it must be  Lydney or Chepstow? Maybe someone will know?".

Thanks to Peter Essex who added (May 2009): " ... don't know the location but from two features I don't think it was local to Woolaston itself either. Those features are firstly the fairly ornate stucco work and secondly the fact that the words over the far right hand door look as if they probably say "Gentlemen's rest room" or "Gentlemen's Retiring Room" which may (or may not) suggest somewhere fairly posh and big enough to hold significant functions.  Also the light fittings suggest an art deco theme, which you often used to get in cinemas, but on the other hand there is what looks like some pretty sloppy wiring high up the wall.  My money is on some civic place or place of entertainment".

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