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Thomas and Lidea (maybe Liah) Matthews.

Lane End

Can anyone help with this photo?

Roger (Dennis) knows that these people were refered to by his family as the "Lane End people", he added "The Lane End People might be related to Robert Vernon Jones (on the Vernon Lodge R.A.O.B. photo elsewhere), or his wife Annie Beatrice, both of Blistors Farm, Bream. Alternatively, they might be "Coles", who would tie into the Pritchard family".

Thanks to Roger Matthews who added (Aug 2007): "I think the couple in the photo may be my great grandparents. I will try to ascertain their first names from my elderly mother. They lived in Broadwell Lane End, and he was an undertaker. Their surname was Matthews. I believe my mother actually has this photograph in her possession. It was taken, I think, outside their cottage next door to the former "Rising Sun" public house in Broadwell. I'll let you know the results of my research!"

Roger (Matthews) added (Sept 2007): "The 'Lane End' couple are indeed my great grandparents - Thomas and Lidea (maybe Liah) Matthews. He was an undertaker".

Roger (Matthews) further added (Nov 2009): "... He was indeed a carpenter and undertaker.  I am fairly sure that this picture was taken outside their cottage in Poolway Road, Broadwell, next door to the former Rising Sun public house. The cottage is still there - but very much extended and 'prettified' !!"

Leslie Matthews added (March 2011): "... This couple would appear to be the same people identified by Tara Harris and Roger Matthews as Mr Mrs William Matthews of Coalway Lane End. William a sawyer married Leah Martin in 1872 at Parkend both were 22. William had a sister and daughter called Lydia. Thomas was also a family name going back to Thomas Matthews who married Jane Wilcox in 1775. As a great great grandson of William and Leah Matthews I am delighted to see this wonderful photo. Thank you for sharing it".

Sarah Drew added (March 2013): "... Agree this is a picture of William Matthews and Leah Marten. Leah was baptised on 11.11.1849 in Newland Gloucs and married William Matthews on 9.3.1872 in Parkend Parish Chapel, Forest of Dean. They are my Great Great Grandparents. Their son Caleb Matthews born 1876, moved to Bridgend and married Sarah Jones in 1898".

Jennifer Miles-Kingston added (October 2013) ".... We have this photo as it is my dad's grandparents so my great parents. They were my grandmother's folks. She was Evelyn Elsie Matthews and married Len Miles from Bream. I believe these are William and Lydia Matthews. My uncle has done a Miles and Matthews family tree so will check my facts!"

Sarah Drew added (January 2014): "... There seems to be a little confusion regarding this picture. There is another picture of this couple on this website. I recently visited a relative in Bridgend who has copies of both of these photos displayed on his wall. The pictures were handed down direct from his grandparents and are clearly labelled William Matthews 1850 and his wife Leah Marten 1849-1928. They were married on 9.3.1872 in Parkend Parish Chapel and went onto have 6 children. William did have an older sister called Lydia Matthews c1836 who married an Arthur Goodwin. One of his children was also called Lydia A Matthews 1884 who married a Timothy H Smith. William's occupation varied from Colliery Carpenter and Undertaker. Love these photos as the resemblance between Leah and my own late nan, Annice Matthews is spooky".

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