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Somewhere in the Forest of Dean - Cinderford Bridge?

Forest group

A group of people somewhere in the Forest

Row 3: 1 (man with white collar) Roy Griffin, 2 (partly hidden) David Hale, 3 , 4 , 5 (lady - partly hidden), 6 , 7 , 8 Will Beddis, 9 Frank White.
Row 2: 1 (in white cardigan) Margaret Stephens (nee Greenman), 2 Ada Morse , 3 , 4 , 5 (behind) , 6 Greta Hale , 7 (polka dot collar) .
Front Row (Row 1): 1 Enid Turley , 2 Hilda Beddis Violet Jackson, 3 Molly Beddis, 4 , 5 Lil White.

May Brace added (June 2006): "Frank White lived in Cinderford. I worked with him at Lightmoor when the Forestry Commission's engineering depot was based there, I was in the office doing wages, switchboard, typing etc. I think he worked with Charlie Read (also from Cinderford) in the Stores . They both moved on to the new depot at Mile End as I did, when Lightmoor depot closed at Christmas 1964. I hope this will jog someones memory as to the exact location for the photograph".

Thanks also to Martin Stephens and Ron Beard who added some names (June 2006) and that it looks like agroup of people that lived around 'Cinderford Bridge'.
Cinderford Bridge is the name given to the area around the junction of Valley Road and St White's Road and extending along Railway Road (the old tramway). Enid Turley, the Hales and Violet Jackson lived in the houses at the bottom of St White's Road. The Whites and Will Beddis lived along Railway Road. The occasion looks to have been in the early 1960s by the apparent ages of the people.

Julie Pearce added (February 2017): "... 1st man on the back row is my uncle Roy Griffin he used to live in Peacock Lane just up from the bridge and worked at Lightmoor. I can't say when this picture was taken but it looks like the early 1960s".

David Dowle added (March 2018): "... I have a feeling that it could be the function room of The White Hart on St White's Road (Cinderford). Like May I worked for the Forestry Commission at Lightmoor and Mile End Depots . We held several social events at the pub from Lightmoor and it looks familiar".

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