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A Lydbrook Band?.

A Forest Band.

Margaret wrote (July 2008): " This photograph has also been loaned to me, but I have no information except again the musicians were from Lydbrook and the surrounding area. What were they known as? Why were they wearing the chains?"

Left to right. Ted Walker, Bert Mann, Bill George, Arnold Powell, Fred Meek, Tom Bevan, George Walker.

Thanks to Elwyn Walford who added (August 2008): "Although the photo is obviously an old one,it is a little indistinct. I would suggest that 'the chains' could well be R.A.O.B. regalia".

Malcolm Finch added (Oct 2008): "... regarding the 'Uke' player Bert Mann, I beleive this is probably identical with S/C Mann (Bert) who is seated in the front row far right hand side, of Lydbrook special constables. This photograph was taken in late 1945 or early 1946. Bert is more portly in this pic. If my memory is correct he was the local butcher".

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